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1. Survived Another Meeting Should Email

I survived another meeting... should have been an email - Funny coffee mug by Donbicentenario - 11OZ Ceramic - Best gift or souvenir. SHIPS FROM USA



A perfect birthday gift or gag gift for a beach lover. This traditional 11 ounce white ceramic coffee mug is perfect for any hot beverage. Wide mouth and large C-handle allow for easy, every day use. Whether drinking your morning coffee at work, or sipping on a hot cup of tea at home, this mug is up to the task. Microwave and dishwasher safe for your convenience. All designs are lead free.

2. Honey Dew Gifts Morning Routine

Honey Dew Gifts Daily Morning Routine Reward Chart for Kids and Autism - Tin Learning Calendar for Kids, Teaching Tool



Honey Dew Gifts Metal Aluminum Novelty Tin Sign – Daily Morning Routine Reward Chart for Kids and Autism – Tin Learning Calendar for Kids ,Visual Teaching Tool. is a great activity to encourage your child to get in a good daily morning schedule. Great learning tool for children that require structure and instructions. It also makes a perfect gift for your family and friends. This sign is made of the highest quality aluminum for a weather resistant finish. It’s lightweight and durable!

Click “Add to Cart” and get yours now!!

3. Magnetic Chore Chart for Kids – Dry Erase Board, Responsibility Chore Chart, a Board for Morning Schedule and a Board for Bedtime Schedule, Smart Planner, Included 4 Markers by Healthy plan

Magnetic Chore Chart for Kids - Dry Erase Board, Responsibility Chore Chart, a Board for Morning Schedule and a Board for Bedtime Schedule, Smart Planner, Included 4 Markers by Healthy plan


4. Responsibility Magnetic Storage Imagination Generation

My Responsibility Chart, Magnetic Dry Erase Wooden Chore Chart with Storage Bag, 24 Goals and 56 Reward Stars by Imagination Generation


5. Sen Support Visual Schedule Home

ASD Visual Schedule for Home



A picture schedule of 35 Widgit(T) word and symbol cards that together create a visual schedule board for use at home. Symbols measure approximately 6 x 5cm. The symbols are printed on sturdy 600gsm card and come with two foamex boards on which you can display up to 10 symbols at once. Simply display attach the boards to the wall and use the symbols in whatever order you like to communicate what is going to be happening that day. The symbols are attached to the boards using VELCRO Brand hook and loop which allows you to easily change them around as you need to. ASD visual schedules have had great success in helping individuals understand their daily routine and therefore ease anxiety. This makes a great starter pack for anyone new to using visual cards and makes a great visual schedule for kids. The symbols included are: breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, drink, toilet, brush teeth, get dressed, brush hair, bath, shower, school, tidy up, car, homework, swimming, baseball, basketball, shopping, walk, story, bedtime, playground, pajamas, Grandparents, play, friends, club, watch T.V., wash face, home, medication, milk, phone, & tablet. S.E.N. Support uses Widgit Symbols (C) Widgit Software 2002 – 2020. I run a small business based in the UK and am happy to make bespoke orders of visual symbols for customers worldwide, including extra symbols to top up this schedule so please check my other products. If you don’t see what you need just get in touch.

6. Winomo Birthday Hanging Reminder Calendar

WINOMO Family Birthday Board Plaque DIY Hanging Wooden Birthday Reminder Calendar





– Color: Colorful
– Material: Wood
– Size: Approx. 40 x 12 x 0.5cm/ 16 x 4.7 x 0.2 inch (LxWxH)
– Easy to assemble without any tools required. Easy hang system makes it simple to rearrange discs on board.
– Great Gift for a Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day etc.
Note:If you did not receive the accessories parts, please feel free to contact the seller customer service, we promise to send you a new one.

Package Including

1 x Wooden Plaque
1 x Rope
50 x Wooden discs
50 x Iron loops

7. Pneat Behavior Magnetic Responsibility Refrigerator

pneat Good Behavior Chart | Chore Chart | Magnetic Responsibility Chart for Wall or Refrigerator | 51 Chores 60 Magnetic Stars | Chore Charts for Kids | Reward Chart



Catch them in the act of behaving well! Each week, adults and children can work together to select and keep track of behaviors and responsibilities, then reward them and watch those good habits multiply! In addition to promoting a sense of accomplishment, the Magnetic Responsibility Chart offers children resources for improving confidence, self-esteem, and independence.

8. Responsibility Teaching Resource Development Behavior

Routine Chart for Kids, Chart for Morning and Bedtime, Responsibility Chart, Home and Teaching Resource, Skills Development for Kids, Behavior Chart for Kids, Morning and Evening Routine




Our team of designers at Children Inspire Design take a different approach to creating quality and educational artwork. We start our process by playing with children. Yes, that simple. Most of our best ideas come from interacting with kids, teaching them the alphabets, numbers, parts of the world, animals, plants, etc. As we teach them, we view how kids react, what they like, and most importantly what ideas and thoughts are transferring from the artwork to our kids. It?s not enough to teach children about the world, about family values, about compassion with others and mother earth, about how to be global citizens, children don?t learn by being taught. Children learn by example, by being inspired by your actions, and by interacting with the world. Our artwork helps with that process. It inspires children to be creative, to be brave, to remind them who they are and where they are going, to uplift them, to inspire them to do great things, and most importantly it plants the seed that will slowly grow into a fruitful person, friend, son, daughter, and global citizen.

9. Neatlings Chore System Customize Household

NEATLINGS Chore System - Chore Chart for Kids | 80+ Chores for Toddlers to Teens | Customize for 1-3 Kids | Size 25”x18” | Teal Household Chore Cards/Purple, Pink, Dark Blue Self-Care Chore Cards



Color:Purple, Pink, Dark Blue – Chart for Up to 3 Children

Includes simple chores for young ones & more challenging chores for older children.


Step 2:CONFIGURE YOUR SHORE CHART- connect the chart panels, add title cards & labels.

1.Introduce the Chore Chart configuration that you will be using.
2.Let the children select a self-care deck.
3.Together select chores that you would like your child to complete the next day.
4.Time to Settle Up! Review what chores have been completed throughout the day & what has been earned. Pay them their tickets for that day and together choose new chores for the next day. A common time is in the evening. They will be excited to plan what they will earn next!

– Pay for the Work For Tickets chore cards only when the Responsibility chores cards are completed.
– Offer double payment if they do all their chores without complaint.
– When your child completes a chore, have them turn it around & place it behind any other cards in that pocket. At a glance you can see if all the child’s chores have been completed.

– Parent decides to pay child 1 ticket per completed chore & if all the chores are completed for that day without complaint they agree to double the tickets per chore.
-Child does all the chores without complaint and earns a total of 8 tickets for that day.
– For this example the parent is willing to pay .25 per ticket or 15 minutes of screen time.
– This child decides to use 6 tickets for 1.5 hours of screen time.
– Each day the child does the same thing. At the end of the week the child earned 56 tickets by doing 28 chores without complaint, enjoyed 10.5 hours of screen time, earned a playdate from the family store for 10 tickets, & pocketed $1.00.

WOW! Twenty-eight more chores in a week! Your child feels great about what they’ve accomplished, is learning new skills, & how to manage time & money!

10. Honey Dew Gifts Morning Bedtime

Honey Dew Gifts Daily Morning and Bedtime Routine Reward Chart (Set of 2) for Kids and Autism - Tin Learning Calendar for Kids, Teaching Tool



Want to teach kids to be responsible? Check out this toddler morning and night routine chart and see how your kids progress each day. This Daily Morning and Bedtime Routine Reward Chart for Kids and Autism – Tin Learning Calendar for Kids is perfect for all kids. It is a common saying that children learn first at home, and this is true. If you want to teach your children good behavior and build their sense of responsibility, then this toddler daily routine chart is a must-have.

This daily routine chart for kids with autism works for all kids. The sets of activities for day and bedtime are simple chores that will encourage your child to accomplish goals according to the agreed tasks. This kids daily routine chart for home will also serve as your bonding moment with your children and ensure that they enjoy accomplishing the tasks. This will help develop your kids’ sense of fulfillment.

This kids bedtime routine chart is a great early learning tool that will teach children basic life skills. This will improve their physical, emotional, and mental wellness, which are important building blocks of one’s personality.

This kids daily routine chart comes in 9 inches by 12 inches dimension so it is highly visible. It also comes in pre-drilled design for convenient hanging or installation.

Investing in this daily routine chart for kids with ADHD is one of the best investments you can have for your child. The positive behavioral changes this set of routine boards can make are priceless.

Set your kids for success with this toddler morning routine chart!

Order yours today!


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