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No es fácil encontrar los lectores adecuados para las furniture labels for moving. Es posible que deba considerar entre cientos o miles de productos de muchas tiendas. En este artículo, hacemos una breve lista de los mejores lectores para las furniture labels for moving, incluida información detallada y reseñas de clientes. Averigüemos cuál es tu favorito.

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1. Chromalabel Moving Buddy Kit Clean Remove

ChromaLabel Moving Buddy Kit Color-Code Label & Tape Pack, 150 Labels, 5 Rolls of Clean-Remove Tape, Permanent Marker


2. Removable Pre Printed Color Coded Customizable Measures

640 Pcs Removable Home Moving Labels 15 Pre-Printed Color-Coded Plus 1 Customizable Blank (Each Measures 3.9" x 0.9")



Number of Items:640

Hebayy is an experienced office supplies producer and aiming to provide the best quality and user experience.

With this Mega Home Moving Stickers you got:
640 labels covers 14 different rooms, customizable blank and fragile warning, which is 40 Pcs for each.
These small items show your PRO to get organized on everything and help our movers to navigate items to the place they belong.

Premium Quality:
Made of high-light non-toxic ink plus high viscosity glue. Keep your instruction safe and sound during massive moving works.
Stick great on boxes, plastic bags, papers and most surfaces. The self-adhesive glue features easy sticky and sturdy. All you need
to take care about is DO NOT stick them direct to plat surface like mirror or furniture because they DO stick tight.

Include: 40X each for 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, living room, dinning room, utility room, kitchen, study room, family room, storage, fragile.
Each measures 3.9” x 0.9”

Smart Time Saver: Enlighten and adds a professional look to your works. No More massive instruction at the scene. Whenever our
mover wandering where to put a cartoon, just give it a glance and they will get your pre-instruction.

Easy to Use: Comes in 32 easy distribute sheets so you could easily hand them out, Premium ink and high-contrast font keeps your
reminder bright and shiny during the massive home moving works. Peel off and stick wherever you want, done!

TIP: High viscosity glue, place direct on furniture is not recommended

3. Moving Labels Color Coding Different Stickers

1008 Count Moving Labels Home Color-Coding Labels 21 Different Moving Stickers - 4 Bedroom 3 Bathroom Kitchen Fragile Blank Space Box Stickers 4.5 Inch x 1 Inch Packing Moving Supplies



Size:1008 Count

After a big move, are you constantly frustrated looking for stuff?
Save time with our moving sticker labels for moving boxes and supplies. It’ll help you stay organized during and after your move.
It’ll also instruct movers where to place your boxes in every room, so you know where all your stuff is.

Moving Label Stickers Specifications:
Colored Moving Labels Size: 1″ H * 4.5″ W
Materials: Permanent Adhesive, Bright Color Printing
Package Included: 1008 Box Labels Total (Best choice for your move)

1008 Count Include 21 Different Labels:
108 each of Master Bed RM, Kitchen, Fragile, Blank Labels.
48 each of Bed RM #2, Bed RM #3, Bed RM #4, Master Bath, Dining RM, Living RM, Family RM.
24 each of Bath RM #2, Bath RM #3, Utility RM, Study, Storage, Gatage, Heavy, Storage, This Side Up, Do Not Stack.

Each moving label says the name of each area, with a high contrast background to enhance readability.
Our 1008-piece, bright, colorful sticker labels will help you save time, stay organized, and ensure that all your stuff gets placed in the right rooms and places.

Kindly Note:
Our home moving labels are permanently self adhesive, so be sure that label pasted into place. DO NOT stick directly on furniture.
If accidentally used on furniture, you can still cleanly remove the label with heat. Use a Hair Dryer and on high heat, directly blow the label for a minimum of 30-45 seconds before removing.

4. Avery Removable Coding Labels Inches

Avery Removable Print or Write Color Coding Labels, 1 x 3 Inches, 200 Labels (5481), Assorted Color (Neon Green/Neon Orange/Neon Red/Neon Yellow)



Keep track of important papers and objects. Apply these Removable Print or Write Color Coding Labels to your documents, files, inventory and more for easy identification. Customize the labels by hand or with free templates available at avery website to print with your laser printer. Their vibrant color makes it simple to identify objects that belong together or tell the difference between unrelated groups. In addition, the removable adhesive lets you apply the labels with the confidence of knowing you can easily remove them later. With these labels, convenience is definitely easy to see.

5. Avery Removable Moving Assorted 40219

Avery Removable Moving Labels, Assorted Sizes and Colors, Pack of 218 (40219),White



Style:new | Color:White | Size:Pack of 218

Take the hassle out of moving with these handy Removable Moving Labels. The color-coded labels match your moving boxes with their designated rooms, simplifying the process for both you and your movers. The pack includes eight bright colors-five colors pre-printed for specific rooms and three colors that are blank for your personalization. Matching inventory labels help guide movers and track the contents of boxes. Easily identify boxes from every angle with our five-sided labeling system. Just label each box with its contents and a number, then stick an inventory list on the wall of each room to help direct your movers. The removable adhesive lifts cleanly from most surfaces once the move is over. We recommend one pack for a small one-to three-room apartment, two packs for a four- to six-room condo or apartment, and three packs for a seven- to nine-room home. Ease the headaches of moving and get organized faster with these helpful color-coded moving labels.

6. Tag Room Labels Supplies Stickers

Tag-A-Room Color Coded Mover Labels, Moving Supplies Stickers 120 Count



These moving stickers are used by professional moving companies everyday across the USA. The labels were designed to be placed on furniture and plastic crates. These Labels are NOT recommended to be used on cardboard boxes. We DO NOT recommend placing this label on antique furniture or other furniture surfaces that may have a cracking or worn finish. We always recommend that you place the labels on the sides, back or legs of furniture.

7. Labels Bedroom Fragile Stickers Different

800 Count Home Moving Color Coding Labels, 4 Bedroom House + Fragile Stickers, [14 Different Living Spaces + 2 Rolls Handle With Care, 16 Rolls Total, 50 Labels/Roll, 1 Inch Height X 4.5 Inch Width]



Convenient Time-Saver: Instead of writing hard-to-notice messages on the boxes, use these bright, eye-catching labels show movers where to place your boxes.Perfect Number of Labels: The package comes with 50 Labels per Living Space (16 Rolls, 800 Labels Total). This is perfect for those with 4-Bedroom or smaller homes and while you may not have 50 boxes for every single room, it will help movers unload quickly by having labels on multiple sides of the boxes.Fragile Handle With Care Labels Included: 2 Rolls (100 Labels Total) of Fragile Handle With Care Labels is included. Protect the boxes that contain your fragile, expensive, or glass items.Permanent Adhesive: These labels are for use on BOXES and other materials (Stretch Film, Moving Blankets, etc.) DO NOT STICK DIRECTLY ON FURNITURE. ** If accidentally used on furniture, you can still cleanly remove the label with heat. Use a Hair Dryer and on high heat, directly blow the label for a minimum of 30-45 seconds before removing. **Living RM, Family RM, Kitchen, Utility RM, Dining RM, Study, Storage, Master Bed RM, Bed RM #2, Bed RM #3, Bed RM #4, Master Bath, Bath RM #2, Bath RM #3 — Fragile Handle With Care (2 Rolls)

8. Tag Room Bedroom Stickers Supplies

Tag-A-Room Color Coded Home Moving Box Labels, 800 Count 4 Bedroom House Pack + Fragile Stickers, Moving Supplies, Moving & Packing Stickers



Tag-A-Room 800 Moving Labels. Moving day is just around the corner you double check, no triple check your moving supplies. You count your moving boxes to ensure you have plenty for the move, 30 small boxes, 30 medium boxes, 15 large boxes, 5 x-large boxes, and 3 dish packs. You have 2 cases of packing tape with 2 easy side-load tape gun dispensers. You bought 20 pounds of newsprint packing paper for wrapping knick-knacks, cushion foam and 2 rolls of bubble wrap to protect the china and various other fragile items in the move. You look down at the last item and it suddenly brings back memories of how disorganized it was last time you moved. Boxes were everywhere you felt you were moving boxes around for days. Not this time though. You knew there was a better way to organize your move and there was, Tag-A-Room. The original pre-printed moving labels made by movers for movers, and serving the organized moving community for over 20 years. These pre-printed color coded moving stickers come in 14 different colors, they measure approximately 1 inch by 4 inches, and have a permanent adhesive to stick to your corrugated moving boxes. A sense of relief overwhelms you as you know the stress of moving is no longer a part of your organized life. These labels are NOT recommended to be placed on furniture.

9. Infi Touch Moving Fragile Stickers Supplies

Infi-Touch 1080 Large Moving Labels -960 Color Coded, 120 Blanks, 90 Sheets –12 Labels Par Sheet- with Fragile Stickers |2" x 3" Size| !Moving Boxes ONLY! Supplies with Blank Space (2x3 Home Moving)



Size:2×3 Home Moving

The Best Home Moving Labels Set By INFI-TOUCH This functional, must-have moving label set includes 700 colored room labels, with a Blank area on the label for customizing Important Items. “FRAGILE” and label to ensure your boxes are carefully handle during transit. Our 14 distinctive Labels consist of; Master bedroom, Bedroom #2,3, Master bathroom, Bathroom #2,3, Kitchen, Dining Room, Storage Basement, Fragile, Living room, Family room, Garage, This Side Up. These moving Labels come in extra large size of 2 x 3 inches and feature different, bright colors to enable fast box identification and importance items customization For Care-Free Moving These are color-coded labels which help you save time and money during your moving process, to help add a stress- free and fast way to be setttle in your new home. Additionally, these adhesive labels are easy to peel from the sticker roll and can be applied on any surface or material. Moreover, you can organize and identify every storage box by using the blank area to help ID which items need to be taking out first and important. Product Details:960 adhesive labels in Total. 120 fragile Labels “Glass Handle With Care”Extra Large 2” x 3” sizeBright & visble colorsFast and Easy to peel from Rolls “Click Add To Cart” To Place Your “Worry FREE” Order NOW! Please note, that our house moving labels are permanently self adhesive, so be sure, that label pasted into place. On the other hand there are a lot of labels in roll, so don’t worry. We provide 60 day 100% Exchange Guarantee of our products by INFI-TOUCH if your are not satisfy with our product.

10. Colored Stickers Different Packing Supplies

1008 PCS Moving Labels Colored Stickers, 21 Different Large Move Labels Tape for Home Moving Box Packing Supplies, 4 Bedroom + Fragile + Heavy + Custom Blank White, 84 Sheets Total, 12 Labels/Sheet



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