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No es fácil encontrar los lectores adecuados para las garden lights with transformer. Es posible que deba considerar entre cientos o miles de productos de muchas tiendas. En este artículo, hacemos una breve lista de los mejores lectores para las garden lights with transformer, incluida información detallada y reseñas de clientes. Averigüemos cuál es tu favorito.

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1. Zuckeo Transformer Waterproof Color Changing Decorative

ZUCKEO Landscape Lights 6W RGB Remote Control LED Landscape Lighting with 12V 24V Low Voltage Transformer Waterproof 16 Color-Changing Garden Pathway Decorative Lights for Indoors Outdoors (10 Pack)


2. Malibu Low Voltage Weatherproof Transformer Landscape

Malibu Power Pack 200watt Low-Voltage Weatherproof Transformer with Photo Sensor for Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting



The Malibu 200 Watt Power Pack is a high-quality transformer built to withstand harsh outdoor elements. Malibu transformers are able to reduce household electrical current output from 120 volts to a much safer 12 volts output, providing a safer more practical electrical current level. Malibu transformers are easily installed making it perfect for do-it-yourself projects.

Malibu transformers come with a digital reading, automatic timer, and clock controls facilitating easy light automation. Our transformers range in power from 45 to 900 watts.

Total watts of light bulb * number of light bulbs = Minimum transformer size.

A standard bulb requires 30 watts of power. If you have 10 30-watt bulbs needing power, you will need at least a 300-watt transformer.

30-watt light bulb * 10 light bulbs = 300 minimum transformer size.

We recommend purchasing at least 100 watts more than your calculated minimum transformer size. Once you discover how easy it is to install/complete lighting projects, you may wish to add additional lights using the same transformer. We have a wide selection of high-quality lighting products and it is amazing how much your outdoor space improves after installation. Please browse through our lighting products and let us know if you need any help with selecting the right product for your needs.

3. Zuckeo Landscape Transformer Waterproof Spotlights

ZUCKEO 5W LED Landscape Lights with Transformer 12V 24V Waterproof Garden Pathway Lights Warm White Walls Trees Flags Outdoor Spotlights with Spike Stand (10 Pack with Transformer)


4. Transformer Landscape Photocell Spotlight Floodlight

Malibu Low Voltage Transformer 45 Watt for Outdoor Landscape Lighting with Photocell Sensor Timer and Weather Shield for Spotlight Floodlight Garden Pathway Light 120V AC to 12V AC




1. Count the total number of lights which will be connected to this transformer
2. Find wattage on lighting performance chart on back of the light fixture packaging
3. Select a compatible transformer
4. Determine wire gauge.

High-quality Transformer
Withstand Harsh Outdoor Elements
Reduce household electrical current output from 120 volts AC to a much safer 12 volts output
Quick & Easy Installation

Multiple setting mode:
Turn on manually, Turn off manually
Turn on at dusk, Turn off at dawn
Turn on at dusk, Turn off automatically after 4/6/8/10 hours.
Turn on at dusk, Turn off at any time
Turn at any time, Turn off at any time

1 transformer
1 Photo Sensor
12 months after-sales service

For the transformer’s stability and longevity, we highly recommend that the total wattage of your lights had better not exceed 75% of Transformer’s capacity. (45/120/200/300/600/900 x 75%= 33.75/90/150/225/450/675W)
If you have any questions, please contact us through message center for more details.

5. Malibu Landscape Spotlight Transformer 8100 9120 01

Malibu 120 Watt Power Pack with Sensor and Weather Shield for Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Spotlight Outdoor Transformer 120V Input 12V Output 8100-9120-01




Purchase 2-Year Square Trade Protection for $3.75 and Get $3.75 Credit on Purchase

6. Moonrays Electric Lighting Rain Tight 120 Watt

Moonrays Electric Power Pack For Outdoor Low Voltage Lighting With Light Sensor and Rain-Tight Case (120-Watt)



Style:120 Watt

Product Description

Bring your low-voltage outdoor lighting to life with this Moonrays control unit. Convenient settings allow you to control your lighting without having to remember to turn them on and off each day. Choose to have your lights on/off all the time, come on and off with the light of the sun, or turn on at a certain time of day for 1-8 hours at a time. A heavy-duty weather proof case to protect your property from wind and water damage making it the perfect product for outdoor use. Do not overload the control unit by exceeding the wattage of the control unit. The total wattage of the lights (sum of the wattage of each bulb in the system) should be equal or less than the wattage of the control unit.

From the Manufacturer

120 Watt control box with black plastic rain tight case. Photocell operated with programmable settings – 4, 6, or 8 hours. TOLL FREE HOTLINE, 1-800-561-4321. If you have immediate questions about application, installation, troubleshooting, or a damaged component, please call CCI Consumer product hotline at 1-800-561-4321 or email questions to: CCI.ConsumerSupport@southwire.com.

7. Malibu Landscape Lighting Pathway Spotlight

Malibu C Landscape Lighting 10PCS Pro Set Light Kit (Pathway Light&Spotlight&Power pack&Cable wire)



The Malibu 10PK Halogen Light kit includes everything you need to start and finish your customized outdoor lighting project. This package includes 4 Malibu 22 watt floodlights,6 pro style lightsMalibu 150 watt power pack, and 75-foot low-voltage wiring cable.

The Malibu Pathway Light is designed to bring a classic look to your home’s exterior. In addition to its appealing design, it is energy efficient using only 0.6 watts per light. The Malibu Pathway Light is made from erosion resistant metal construction producing 22 lumens of Halogen light pleasantly highlighting your outdoor space. This light’s high-quality construction and waterproof seals protect it from all weather conditions making it the perfect long-term investment for your outdoor space.

8. Better Home Bh17 092 099 28 4 Piece Quickfit

4-Piece QuickFIT LED Bollard



The Better Homes and Gardens QuickFIT landscape lighting makes designing your own outdoor lighting scene as quick and easy as 1, 2, 3. With many styles of pathway and spot lights, as well as a variety of accessories, our QuickFIT landscape lighting will transform any outdoor space into the style and look you desire – all at an amazing value. Gone are the days of splicing cables and figuring out where to place a bulky transformer. Simply place your lights in their desired location, twist your QuickFIT connectors into place, and plug your transformer into a standard wall outlet. Design your ideal landscaping lighting scene by selecting from multiple pathway lights, spot lights, and a variety of accessories hand chosen to accommodate any landscape layout. The Better Homes and Gardens QuickFit connector design makes installing the low-voltage lighting products fast and simple. This redesigned low-voltage lighting product is perfect for providing year-round lighting options regardless of climate.

9. Cly Landscape Spotlights Waterproof Swimming

CLY 5W LED Landscape Spotlights Low Voltage Garden Pathway Lights IP66 Waterproof Warm White for Outdoor Lights,Swimming Pool,Patio,Driveway, Yard, Lawn(8 Pack)



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