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No es fácil encontrar los lectores adecuados para las home window heat spray. Es posible que deba considerar entre cientos o miles de productos de muchas tiendas. En este artículo, hacemos una breve lista de los mejores lectores para las home window heat spray, incluida información detallada y reseñas de clientes. Averigüemos cuál es tu favorito.

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1. Rabbitgoo Privacy Frosted Adhesive Bathroom

Rabbitgoo Privacy Window Film Matte White Privacy Film Frosted Window Film Static Cling Glass Film Non Adhesive Window Cling for Home Kitchen Office Bathroom Living Room 35.4" x 78.7"


2. Us Energy Products Reflective Insulation

US Energy Products (AD3 Reflective Foam Insulation Shield, Heat Shield, Thermal Insulation Shield Radiant Barrier 48" x25ft 100sqft



US Energy Products (AD3) Reflective Foam Insulation Shield, Heat Shield, Thermal Insulation Shield Radiant Barrier 48″x25ft (100sqft) 3mm Thick (AD3) EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE – reflect 97% of radiant energy, perfect RADIANT BARRIER. VAPOR BARRIER -Unaffected by humidity and moisture, mold resistant , can be used outdoor/indoor. SOUND BARRIER – excellent soundproofing material. SUPREME QUALITY – 3mm closed cell polyethylene FOAM (not a bubbles) sandwiched between PURE ALUMINUM (not a polyester film) on both sides. Easy to install, easy to cut and easy to clean, Strong but lightweight. FIRE RATE – Fire rate Class 1 / Class A, NON TOXIC – will not irritate skin, eye or throat. Non allergic.

3. Bloss Privacy Frosted Adhesive 17 7Inch

Bloss Etched Privacy Window Film Frosted Glass Static Cling Non Adhesive Window Frost Film for Home Office, 17.7inch x 75.7 inch


4. Reflective Foam Insulation Shield Thermal

Reflective Foam Insulation Heat Shield Thermal Insulation Shield 48"x4ft



Made in the USA Product: Foam Core laminated between two layers of highly reflective radiant barrier foil. Contact Temperature Range: -60°F To 180°F (-51°C To 82°C) Water Vapor Transmission: .02 Perms**** Puncture Resistance: 60 Lbs. Per In.*** Pliability: No Cracking Linear Shrinkage: None Mold And Mildew: No Growth Flame Spread: 0 Astm E84-08 Smoke Development: 40 Astm E84-08 Fire Rating: Class A / Class 1 Reflectivity: 95% Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 302: Zero Surface Burn Rate Emittance: 0.04**** Benefits:100% Made in USAOnly Energy Star Rated Foam Core Reflective Insulation on the planet!!!Blocks radiant heat by up to 95%Reduces Heating and cooling lossFoam Core Sound Reduction TechnologySaves you Energy and MoneyEasy to use and installRequires no protective clothing or special toolsRequires no maintenanceHighly Durable, Lasts LongerMeets new ASTM Fire codes

5. Coavas Non Adhesive Blocking Reduction Removable

Coavas Heat Control Window Film Non-Adhesive One Way Mirror Solar Film Static Cling Sun Blocking Glare Reduction Anti UV Window Tint Removable for Home and Office Black 17.7 x 78.7 Inches


6. Gila Window Film Complete Installation

Gila Window Film Complete Installation Kit



Size:1 Pack

Product Description

Gila Window Film Application Kit – The complete window film application kit includes all tools needed to apply window film: Squeegee to smooth film onto glass, trim tool to customize at home, low lint cloth to help clean the glass, and application solution to lubricate film for squeegee (enough to apply film on up to 8 average size windows). – Pieces in Kit: 4 Pcs., Pkg Qty: 1, Package Type: Clamshell

From the Manufacturer

Gila films are the brand leader in DIY (do it yourself) window films. Our best in class deep dyeing, coating, and adhesive technologies have helped design higher performing, longer lasting films that are among the best in the marketplace. We manufacture and package our films at our world class manufacturing facility located in Martinsville, VA USA in order to measure and ensure tight quality and performance standards from start to finish.

7. Rabbitgoo Protection Adhesive Reducing Removable

rabbitgoo Window Film Privacy Window Sticker, UV Protection Frosted Glass Covering, Non Adhesive Cling Removable for Home Kitchen Bathroom Office, Matte White, 17.5 x 78.7 inches


8. Shackcom Privacy 78 7Inch Anti Uv Non Adhesive

Shackcom Privacy Window Film 35.4 X 78.7inch/Pack, 2 Pack, No Glue Anti-UV Frosted Window Sticker Heat Control Window Cling Non-Adhesive for Office, Meeting Room, Bedroom, Living Room


9. Privacy Decorative Rainbow Stickers 23 6X78 7

3D No Glue Window Privacy Film Static Window Clings Decorative Film Rainbow Window Film Prism Effect Window Stickers for Home Glass Door Kitchen Heat Control Anti UV (23.6x78.7 inches)



Size:23.6×78.7 inches

?Beautiful Rainbow pattern,decorative your own place with unique design.
?Provide Privacy,using this frosted window film can make you feel safe at your own place.
?Glue Free,apply on window by soap water,easy to use.
?Reusable & Recycled,the window film can be reusable and re-positioned.
?UV Blocking,reject 95% harmful UV rays,protect your health.
?Heat Rejection,this window film also have Heat rejection function,can make inside room cooler during hot summer,keep inside room hot during cold winter.
Installation Instructions:
Step 1:Measure the window glass size and trim the window film to the approximate 1 inch/2.5cm larger than the glass size .
Step 2:Clean the window throughly,make sure the surface is totally clean without any dirt or dust,and also remember to wipe off the dirt on the window frame as well.(Important)
Step 3:Peel off the clear backing film gently.(Important)
Step 4:Spray soap water on both window suface and film(the side just peel off),then apply window film on glass gently.
Step 5:Use a squeegee or old credit card (wrap with cloth to prevent scratching the film), carefully smooth over the film from the centre outwards.This will remove excess solution and allow the film to make full contact with the glass. If the film moves out of position, just place your hands flat on the film and gently slide it back again.
Step 6:Cut off the excessive margin bit slowly,and dry the film surface by using cloth.
Step 7:If there is air bubble appears after step 6, peel off that part,then back to step 4,and do next step by step. What You Get: 1 X Window Film 1 X Installation Instruction


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